Collective Loops is an installation made in collaboration with EnsadLab, IDScènes, Ircam and Orbe. It is a collaborative version of an 8-step loop sequencer. When people access the webpage, they are assigned to one step of the sequencer, and their smartphone plays a note when it is their turn. The players can also influence the sound with the inclination of their smartphones (12 different pitches). That way, people can collaboratively create a melody as the smartphones play their note one after the other.

At the same time, a circular visualization of the sequencer is projected on the floor: a circle is divided in 8 segments (each of them corresponding to one step), and each segment lights up when it is its time to play. Besides, each segment is divided into 12 parts which correspond to the 12 pitches a participant can play, depending on the inclination of the smartphone. The 8 first players who connect to the sequencer have a celesta sound; the 8 following can play with a drum kit; the 8 last have a bass sound. All together, the 24 people create complex rhythmic and melodic patterns.